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Family Activities In Calgary

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Family Activities In Calgary

These days families spend less and less time together. We got all sorts of entertainment - computer games, unlimited movies, and shows on Netflix and Hulu, social media, and a million other things that distract us from what’s actually important - family. Quality family time that involves sharing experiences and creating memories together is essential - especially in the digital age we age living in.

As a result of such events, each family member feels more valued, heard, and everyone learns to understand each other better. Don’t get it twisted - there is no need for a digital ban, but rather a more balanced lifestyle. It will help the family to develop a stronger social bond, plus there is nothing better than good memories made with people you love and care for.

Alright, let’s look at some of the activities you can enjoy together as a family - both outdoor and indoor!

Join Other Families At Calgary Zoo

What’s a better activity for the whole family than going to the Calgary Zoo on a sunny day. Get an ice cream cone for everyone and enjoy watching 1000+ animals, big and small. No matter if you are young or old - every animal lover will be more than delighted. With a nice little restaurant to have lunch at the end of the trip and a few play areas for the kids, it’s one of the most fun outdoor family activities in Calgary.

While the famous Calgary Zoo is a lovely place, there are a few things to consider. First of all, the price of tickets. They aren’t cheap, even if you skip the restaurant and only go for ice cream. Second, the outcome of your trip is dependent on the weather outside. If it’s raining, your long-planned weekend plans are ruined. Lastly, on a good sunny day, the zoo is incredibly crowded, which can be a little stressful when looking for a parking spot or waiting in the ticket line.

Go On The Rides In Calaway Park

You don’t have to be a kid to love rides and amusement parks. In fact, almost 50% of visitors in Calaway Park are adults. Who doesn’t love a little adrenaline in their system? With 33 rides around the park grounds, every family member will find their perfect ride. If someone is too scared of rides, there is plenty of other family activities to do - mini-golf, games, and shopping.

Calaway Park is lovely, but there are a few notes you have to keep in mind when planning your family trip. First of all, it’s a 30-minute drive from the city and quite a walk from the parking lot. Second, don’t forget about the line ups. You only pay something like $50 once at the door for

unlimited rides, but so is everyone else. If you are going on a warm sunny day, expect 10s of other families to do the same thing, so just be ready to wait. If it’s a rainy day, the lines will be shorter, but it won’t be nearly as pleasant of a trip.

Get Lost In The Corn Maze

If you have kids and it’s a nice day outside - go and take them to pet animals. And let’s be honest here - you don’t have to be a child to want to pet little piglets and baby goats. The organizer provides a large array or farms filled with tons of fun for every audience - families and friends of all ages. Besides the petting zoo, there is the famous 13-acre corn maze, mini golf, zip lines, paintball, and much more. If you like fresh air and good times - that’s the family activity for you.

The only drawback here is that you always at weather’s mercy. Keep in mind that most of the road is not paved. There is gravel on some of the roads and trails, but it’s generally just mudstone. If it rains, you better bring knee-high rubber boots, because the mud is going to be everywhere. Also, remember that everything takes place in an open field, so temperatures can get quite high during the day, so get a lot of sunscreen and water. The facility is also located on the outskirts of Calgary, so be prepared for the long ride.

Go Sightseeing At The Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower is an amazing piece of architecture standing 191 meters above downtown core. The observation deck on the top floor offers its visitors a 360° panoramic view, which is truly breathtaking, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t forget about the Sky 360 restaurant, where you can have a lovely gourmet dinner! If not, there are 10s of places just outside of the building on Center Street.

While Calgary Tower is one of the biggest tourist attractions, it may not be the most exciting family activity. First of all, there is only so much to see. Yes, you get to see downtown Calgary from above and take a few good pictures, but what else? Not everyone wants to read or listen about the history of the tower, and you can only enjoy the view for so long. Keep in mind the building is located in the heart of downtown, so you’ll be lucky to find free parking.

Have Fun Solving Riddles At Escape60 - Calgary Escape Room

Have you ever been to an escape room before? It’s a perfect place to spend quality family time for both adults and kids. Escape60 is the escape room in Calgary that offers the highest-rated

experience in every single aspect. Great location, professional and knowledgeable staff, and a lot of fun!

Note that Escape60 is not your average escape room in Calgary. First of all, all the actual locked rooms are unique and made in-house. The room themes will appeal to many different ages. For example, Magic themed “Wizardry,” which is loved by kids, teens, and adults - after all, the wizard following and fanbase is incredibly big. “Jurassic Park” is another evergreen room that’s loved by people of all ages.

The best part here is that escape rooms aren’t aimed at a specific demographic. While the concept of solving the riddles may be hard for little kids, teenagers, young adults, and grown-ups can all work together to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The fact that you only have 60 minutes to find the final key adds a little bit of adrenaline and makes things even more exciting. It’s also a perfect family activity when it’s cold or raining outside.

Did you know that Escape60 is the only escape room in Calgary with a licensed lounge and wet bar? That’s right - all adults can enjoy a drink or two before or after the game. That’s pretty sweet, especially if you aren’t driving.

Speaking of drivers, don’t worry about pulling your hair, trying to find parking downtown. This Calgary escape room has 26 parking spots in the lot and tons of free street parking. For those who don’t drive, Escape60 is located by the Sunalta train station, so you’ll have no issues getting to the locked room.

Overall, it’s a fantastic place to spend time with family, have a lot of fun, and make memories. The staff always go above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience. If you decide to visit Escape60, your expectation won’t only be met, but surpassed

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