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Special Event/Corporate Hours
Monday to Sunday 7 AM - 12 AM

Start planning your event 

Escape60 is here to help you plan your next event! Pick your event type and email us details at or call 587-430-0880. a member of our event sales team will be in touch soon! 

Company events 

Entertain corporate clients and colleagues in Style & comfort. Our packages include game play & food, we dedicated staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. Packages start at $45 per Guest (tax and service fees not included).

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Event Planning Guide 


Celebrate your Birthday in luxury this year. Plus because it's your Birthday - you will play for free! overall, we deliver an excellent guest experience and will take special requests for your special day.

Kids/Teen Parties


Adulting made easy. No work, no stress or mess. Kids and teens play as the adults can sit back in our lounge area, relax, watch a movie and can even have a drink. we deliver an excellent guest experience and will take special requests for your special day.

Christmas/Holiday Parties 

We love to host Christmas/holiday's parties. We believe that gifting an experience to clients and employees is a memorable gift and results in a stronger company culture. We can host small or large groups. Large groups up to 75 people at our venue. Change up your normal holiday party with Escape60. 

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bachelor bachelorette parties

Bachelorette parties are becoming a regular event at Escape60. We want the bride to be the centre of attention. We even do mimosas, cupcakes & escape rooms packages. The best part is the bachelorette plays free! 


Live Bingo! At Escape60 we do bingo nights! its the latest phenomenon to sweep Calgary! Live bingo allows players to have a truly live gaming experience. The numbers will be called by a game master. new prizes to be won time! We even do Wizardry Bingo!

Date Night

A night away from the kids? Escape60 is a great date night event to do with other couples. Most couples we've seen have a few drinks, do an escape room and then head out to dinner. Do a double date: 4 heads are better than 2 so try Escape60 out! 

Event Space In Calgary

Finding the best event space or venue is essential to your event's success. Of course, this sort of planning takes time, but the process doesn't have to be overwhelming - it's a fun challenge if you are in the right mindset for it. Assuming you've already decided on the event type and its purpose, there are only a few other factors to consider.

First of all, deciding on who is going to attend (a.k.a. your target audience). The number of guests can limit the number of venue options, plus you have to keep your attendees' tastes and expectations in mind. For example, business team building guests' expectations will be quite different from, let's say, those who book the space for a bachelorette party.

Then think of the event dates and when the venues are available and don't forget to keep in mind the guests' schedules. Don't get carried away and forget about the costs either - there are plenty of event spaces that don't require you spending $1000s just to rent them for the evening. Lastly, schedule a visit and take a look for yourself - if the staff at the location is friendly and professional and the facility lives up to its expectations, you've likely found the one.

Let's go over the list of the best event spaces in Calgary now, so you have a better idea about what's out there!

Booking a Room at a Business Centre

There are plenty of places around Calgary to host a business conference, which are mostly located downtown. For example, places like Bow Valley Square offer a lot of facilities to host one. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Well, it's not all as perfect as it seems.

The first problem with such places is the incredibly high cost. After all, you are in one of the skyscrapers that stretch hundreds of meters into the sky. Second, such sites rarely offer any services besides providing space. Then you have to take care of the food and beverages for the audience, which requires extra planning on the organizer's side. Lastly, finding parking around most of those business event spaces is incredibly hard, even on the weekends (unless you want each guest to spend $30 extra to park there for a few hours). As a result, you may have to deal with complaints from your guests, which just adds even more stress.


Booking a Cinema Room

A lot of business conferences that feature a speaker who is proficient in the main topic of the discussion are often held in cinemas. Every room usually has plenty of space, and there is a stage that can easily be set up in no time. What attracts most organizers is the price and capacity - costs per person can be cut down significantly if one goes with this option. Plus, such places have a lot of parking space.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this. First, it's mostly for conferences and not personal events. If there is a major change in the company or you've hired somebody to analyze the current situation in the market you are in, renting a room in the cinema will do. All the attention is directed at the person speaking, so don't expect a lot of social interaction between the people in the audience. Lastly, someone has to take care of food and drinks (or hire a catering service) - because popcorn and nachos may not be up to everyone's liking. Overall, not a bad choice for a presentation, but not the best choice for an event space.

Booking a Restaurant

No matter if it's a personal event such as a bachelorette party or a business Christmas party for the staff, restaurants are often the most popular choice for a simple reason - they require the least effort from the organizers' side. When renting an event space like that, food and drinks are already taken care of, so you have fewer things to worry about.

Escape60 Bachelorette Party

Escape60 Bachelorette Party

While it's one of the most popular choices, its popularity has been declining for the past few years. Why is that? Well, people want something more interesting than just sitting around the table and having a nice dinner. These days, there are more places to choose from, and just going to a restaurant once again is getting "unoriginal." That's why more and more organizers try to be more creative in order to come up with a unique experience for the attendees.

Booking an Area at a Bar / Pub

Booking a floor in a bar or a pub is an event space option very similar to a restaurant, but with its own features and drawbacks. A lot of such facilities already have everything planned in case of a private event. This makes the job of an organizer a little bit easier. The guests get greeted at the door by the hostess and are lead to the event space where the food is going to be served in just minutes.

While all this seems lovely, everything comes at a price. Firstly, this kind of events can cost a fortune. Especially if it's an open bar, you may find the attendees taking good advantage of it. Well, what else is there to do at a bar besides eating and drinking. Also, you'll likely need a person to monitor the situation. If someone is looking sick, it's best to get them a cab home. Once again, this either requires the organizer to hire an additional person or spend the entire evening watching out for the guests. Lastly, it can get boring pretty quickly. Unless you come up with some kind of activities to keep the evening entertaining, it won't be long until everyone leaves.

Booking a Lounge at Escape60 - Calgary Escape Room

Have you ever heard of escape rooms? They are tons of fun. And Escape60 happened to offer private event rentals at a bargain price - only $99/hour. First of all, it works great for both business and private events. If you are a business owner and are looking for a top-notch event space, Escape60 offers a licensed lounge with wet bar and catering services, everything at a very reasonable price. For private events, there is always an opportunity to have a drink and try a locked room of your choice - a room full of riddles and secrets with only one goal - to open the door on the other end of it.

Calgary Event Space at Escape60

Escape60 Event Space

It's a whole lot more fun than another dinner at a restaurant or a bar. Having hosted tons of team building events, parties, and birthdays, the staff is incredibly experienced and helpful. Escape60 offers customized packages for any occasion - business or casual, family or adults-only, with a few people or 100+ attendees.

Escape60 Calgary locked room is located downtown, right by the Sunalta train station. It's incredibly convenient for those who don't drive or expect to have more than a couple of drinks. If any guests are worried about parking (finding a spot downtown can be quite dreadful), worry no longer - the facility is equipped with 26 parking stalls, and there is plenty of free street parking.

Everything is set up to deliver you the best experience, no matter what kind of event you are renting the space for - lunch and learn, office/private parties, birthdays, networking, or after-hours mixers. If you are looking for the best event space in Calgary - you've found it!

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