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prank dwight


Prank Dwight
Prank Dwight.jpg

 You're the assistant to the regional manager and you are competing with your greatest enemy Jim for the largest client in Scranton: The White Pages. Whoever gets the account first will be promoted to the new regional manager of the branch. Jim the idiot has childishly hide your belongings and presentation notes around the office preventing you to make the biggest sale of your life. It is 4 o clock and the CEO of the makes the final decision at 5. You have 1 hour to retrieve your belongings and make the sale before Jim ruins your life and steals what is rightfully yours.

(Takes place in the same room as Party Planning Committee, all puzzles & the experience is unique). 

Standard Escape Room

Difficulty: Medium to Hard 

Groups must be between: 4-8 players

Suggested Group Size: 6 players 

Duration: 60 Minutes

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