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Premium Room

Difficulty: Hard

Groups must be between: 6-12 players

Suggested Group Size: 8-10 players

Duration: 60 Minutes

  • ​Escape Rate: 33%


  • We have a themed drink called smelly cat! 

Back Story


Well it's that time of year again, the time where six best friends get together and  

reminisce about their friendship over Friendsgiving. This year one of your friends decides to out-do herself and all the past Thanksgiving that have come before it by putting the perfect meal together in only 60 minutes, it's a challenge she wants to undertake but can't do it alone, she'll have to pull out all the stops and get all the friends involved despite everyone having things to do and places to be, can she pull this together? Time will tell! 

(Takes place in the same room as Best Friends. All-new puzzles and experience!)

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