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Corporate Team Building Activities 

  • Open for bookings 7 days a week   

    • Special Event/Corporate Hours Monday to Sunday 7am - 12am

  • We can host up to 90 guests 

    • We can run ​small or large teams simultaneously 

  • 11 escape room experiences to choose from

    • Jurassic Escape, Dark Lord, Dark Order, Wizard Tournament, Kings of Cocaine, Way of the Mando, Prank Dwight, Revengers, Turtles, Cave of Wonders, Friendsgiving.   

  • Free on-site & street parking 

  • Only fully licensed escape room with bar & premium lounge

    • Drink menu & drink tickets available upon request

  • We offer 7 different catering packages

    • Tandoori ​Grill package 

    • UNA pizza (variety) 

    • Breakfast packages 

    • Appetizer & Charcuterie package

    • Lunch packages 

    • Dinner packages 

  • Covid-19 safe

  • Offer both virtual & in-house team building solutions 

  • Call 587-430-0880 or email to book or learn more information

Escape60 TEAm Building

 Video Walk Through

Corporate Team with Escape Rooms

Corporate team building activities are crucial for businesses looking to boost productivity and morale while improving their team's efficiency. One popular activity that has gained popularity is escape room team building. Escape rooms at Escape60 offer a unique and exciting team-building experience that can help to enhance problem-solving skills, communication, and trust among employees. We will explore the benefits of corporate team building including improved communication skills, strengthened teamwork, enhanced problem-solving abilities, increased team morale, fostered creativity, leadership development, built trust, promoted healthy competition, encouraged adaptability, and provided a fun and memorable experience. By engaging in corporate team building activities through escape60, companies can create a more cohesive and effective team while fostering a sense of camaraderie among employees.

event planning pdf

Group bonding activities Calgary

If you really want to get to know your colleagues or team, lock yourselves in a room together! Escape rooms is the new interactive activity that is becoming the #1 team building event for workplaces and sports team. Taking employees out of the office or a sport team for an group outing helps people break down personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. The benefits of team-building programs are so significant that many corporations, sports team managers, and parents have applied team building strategies into their standard curriculum. There are several benefits of doing your team or workplace event with escape60: What makes us different is simple - We bring a new and elevated way to experience team building! 

1Artboard 1 copy.jpg

Team building in Calgary: Escape60 and it's benefits

Networking, Socializing & Getting to know each other better - Socializing outside the workplace allows for colleagues to build rapport. Making friends and building on existing relationships is one of the best ways to build a productive team or work environment. As comfort increases so does willingness to work with one another and ultimately overcoming everyday issues become easier. At Escape60 we achieve this not only through game play but having an event venue designated toward having a social gathering or experience. We are the most central location for an escape room in downtown Calgary

Teamwork & Collaboration

All of our escape room games are designed to work together as one. The main objective is to create a team bonding experience. Furthermore, it blends complementary strengths, builds trust,  fosters creativity and learning. Creativity thrives in an environment where people work together on a task. This yields brainstorming ideas and unique perspectives - collaborating as a group with different view points and backgrounds will help in achieving the task of escaping the room. Your team will be proud to work together and have a wider sense of ownership, teammates will feel a sense of accomplishment in their contribution while they play.   

Team Building In Common Area - Calgary, Downtwn


Escape60 rooms are one of the most effective activities to enhance communication skills. Communication and working well together is a top priority when choosing to participate in a team building event.  The reason being because when friendliness and comfortable with one another it will gear towards developing a more positive environment for any team or company. This goes beyond the normative team building activities involving a sheet of paper or a pen in the rooms. we provide the challenge of remembering random objects, verbalizing a list of items as a group by having discussions and listening to audio clips through the experience. 


Improved problem-solving skills

Escape rooms require players to think critically and solve puzzles to escape the room. Corporate team building through escape rooms at escape60 can help employees develop their problem-solving skills, which can benefit them in their professional lives. At escape60 we offer different sets of puzzles in each room, we only create unique and new puzzles to challenge our guests! 

Increased team morale

Escape60 offer an exciting and unique experience that can help to boost team morale. Employees can bond over the shared experience and build a stronger connection with their teammates. By going through an hour long experience together helps create a bond, also great for team icebreakers or reconnecting.


Fosters creativity

Escape rooms offer a creative and innovative problem-solving experience. The activity can encourage employees to think outside of the box and develop creative solutions to problems. the intent is that these skills transfer to the workplace that will help build a new approach to problem solving. 


Builds trust

Escape rooms require players to rely on one another to escape. The experience can help employees build trust and establish stronger relationships with their colleagues. this is one of the biggest reasons to do a team building event with escape60, we hyper focus on trust building exercises and puzzles that make the team come together closer.


Promotes healthy competition

Escape rooms can encourage healthy competition among employees. The activity can motivate employees to work harder and push themselves to their limits. We track how many clues, times, progress that all teams make in their rooms and offer a final debrief with the group for office bragging rights.


Encourages adaptability

Escape rooms offer a dynamic and ever-changing environment that can help employees develop their adaptability skills. The experience can teach employees how to think on their feet and adapt to unexpected changes. At Escape60, we create puzzles and situations where the team must adapt and work together to achieve the specified task or escape the room.

Identify Leaders & Assessing members

In any group activity there will be a particular number of members who act as leaders and help the rest of the team through the objective or task. Escape60 game rooms do a great job of creating a scenario where people are faced with time sensitive and high pressured situation. As time elapses it becomes more clear of who stands out, steps up and takes charge. The most interesting part of the process is you may be surprised sometimes as unexpected leaders emerge from the group. 


Escape rooms let team managers and companies see how particular members handle conflict. All people are built different and deal with conflict in their own way. Each escape room is a good catalysts for conflict resolution and testing problem solving skills. 

Customized packages for your event

We customize any occasion or event for your team as we are the only of the only team building venues in Calgary to provide on premise catering services & servers. We have partnerships with a local cupcake company for birthdays, work with UNA Pizza & Great Events Catering. Unlike our other activities - We provide a service that our competitors simply don’t. We are owners working in the business and give personalized attention to each guest, we assure that you will have the best time and escape room experience. - You won’t be disappointed

We have Many catering options to choose from. Prices for game play and escape room experiences start at $55/Person, up to $126/Person. Through partnerships with local businesses: UNA Pizza, Sunterra catering & Tandoori Grill, we are proud to offer a wide variety of options for food to our guests. Having Catering Options is a nice touch for your team building activity. It makes the event more classy by treating your team to something completely unique. Your team will definitely appreciate the experience you will be providing as you are doing something out of the box from the norm. 

Don Pablo Escape Room -team building activities Calgary
Team building event at Escape 60 (Calgary)


If you are looking to just play an escape room the price is $38/person for all standard rooms. . Premium rooms are $39/person for game play. 

Maximize the experience with a guided debrief

At Escape60 we will debrief your group's experience: All participants usually stand in a circle and listen to the debrief, we ask how you did as a team, what you learned, compare how you did to others groups who have played the room, were you surprised by any parts of the game, if you have any questions about the game or technology of how things work. Most escape rooms do not a debrief portion, we strongly believe in keeping it positive and constructive when giving feedback. This gives a level of closure and insight when completing the escape room activity.

Affordable & Amazingly Fun

Looking for cost effective way to team build? Looking for something fun to do? good news! We are one of the most fun things to do in Calgary for adults Escape60 is an affordable option for team building. Our Catering packages start at $49 per person and includes game play with food! 

We have been reviewed on Google, Trip Advisor, & yelp as not only a 5-star activity in Calgary but one of the most fun things to do. Our guests have spoken, we are very fortunate of the countless nice comments people have made. We will continue to deliver the best escape room experience Calgary has to offer. - Our promise to the remain as one of the top Calgary team building activities

Accommodating large groups

Many of our guests know we can accommodate small groups but several people have asked us if we can host groups of more than 100+ people at once, our capacity - The answer is yes! The way we do groups of 100+ people because our capacity for game play is 74+ people at one time., the other half relaxes in our common area as they relax and mingle. Furthermore, we have hosted company events of 100+ people several times. this is achieved by providing a designated coordinator for your event that will layout the entire schedule by logistically planning your event. If you have a group of more than 30 people please contact us at and will an appointment to walk you through the process. 

Escape 60 offers 11 different escape rooms and have a total capacity of 90 people to play at one time. We have 5 standard rooms and currently 9 premium rooms  is the most challenging team building game). The following is a breakdown of each room's capacity: 

World of Wizardry: Dark Order 4 to 12 players

kings of cocaine: 4 to 8 players 

Jurassic Escape: 6 to 12 players 

World of Wizardry: The Dark Lord 4 to 8 players 

World of Wizardry: The Wizard Tournament 4 to 8 players 

Way of the mando4 to 8 players 

Prank Dwight4 to 6 players 

Turtles4 to 6 players 

Revengers 4 to 6 players  


Flexible Hours & Start times

We provide the ability to play multiple rooms at the same start time and have the opportunity to book outside our regular hours of operation. Anything is possible at Escape60! 

In house walk through 

We will set up a walk through of our event space upon request and even show you one of our rooms to see our product that we created - We show case The Most Dangerous Game. We feel that you should know what you are buying. The meeting usually last 30 minutes or less. We offer this courtesy because we want you to understand what the experience is going to be like and answer any questions you may have so that you will have a comfort level and a stress free event! 

Event space for teams, guests & networking

Wet Bar at Escape 60 Calgary
Event Venue Escape 60
Event space in Calgary for team building activities + Catering at Escape 60

​Event Space

What makes us truly different is our open concept lounge area with wet bar. We are one of the only escape room event venues in Canada that has a luxurious high end space. Our event venue can accommodate up to 80 people and is about 1200 square feet. It is great to do a group presentation or lunch & learn and follow it up with a team building activity afterwards. Having the convenience of an event space to debrief or socialize before or after sets Escape60 apart from all the competitors. We are located in Sunalta near popular destinations such as 17th ave, Kensignton, and the Calgary tower. also, we have the added bonus of lockers to place your personal items such as keys, cell phones, bags, Special thank you to hella design studio for designing our space, they did a great job - we highly recommend them!

Special events

Have a special event? Are you having a bachelorette, birthday girl, soon-to-be-momma? With cocktails or without, it'll be a party to remember. We provide custom packages for any escape room experience for any of these events. Also, take photos to remember the important event! Also, we have started working with event planners for large events so that we can continue to be one of the leaders in the industry for team building activities Calgary. Remember you play free on your on your birthday week or bachelorette party! 

Wet Bar Escape 60

After Hours Mixers/Networking Events Lunch and Learns

Escape60 is becoming more of a popular activity for hosting company events and mixers. We have had such great response with several companies that the Chamber of commerce Calgary will be hosted there after hours business mixer in September 20.  unlike other escape rooms, we offer an event venue that you can host your team in style. Our rental rate for the venue is $150 per hour during Monday to Thursday.  Please call in for weekend rent rates.

Remote Teams

If you have a remote team

Escape60 becoming more of a popular activity for hosting company events and mixers. We have had such great response with several companies that the Chamber of commerce Calgary will be hosted there after hours business mixer in September 20.  unlike other escape rooms, we offer an event venue that you can host your team in style. Our rental rate for the venue is $150 per hour during Monday to Thursday.  Please call in for weekend rent rates.


Paint Night in Calgary, downtown with Kalia Gouden

Fun things to do for adults in Calgary: Choose a paint night for a group event or corporate team building activity!


We specialize in corporate team building paint nights - It promotes positive interaction in an environment 100% free of workplace politics and pressures. There are several benefits to having your team do a paint night at Escape60

It encourages positive socialization - Paint in Luxury and relax in a stress free environment. We offer team members an experience where they can unwind, catch up over some drinks, and express their creativity. not only is it a fun activity but this will show your employees you care about their mental health. 

private event with an experienced instructor - We have partnered with an artist to bring you personalized attention and detail to enhance your experience - Kalia Gounden is a talented local artist, she paints, bakes delicious cakes and loves team building paint nights!  paint night packages for corporate or large groups includes step by Step paint lessons, take home artwork, apron, tools, paint & a sweet treat (A free cupcake or cookie). 

Customization - We can provide a turn key solution for your team building event by offering design options or can customize and create a themed paint night for your company or group. Additionally, we can provide catering options as well upon request. this activity is family friendly and is considered by many of our guest as one the most unique team building activities. Contact us for rates at

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