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Caderloth has been chosen to host a legendary event: The Triwizard Tournament. For those of you that do not know it is a competition between three schools that compete in a series magical contests. Let me be clear that any group of students that are selected as champions will stand alone in this tournament. Beware students have been know to die in this tournament...


You and your group have been named The Carderloth champions! Only one group will be victorious and hoist the Triwizard Cup earning Eternal Glory!

You are onto the third and final task. Earlier today your professor placed the Triwizard Cup in an undisclosed location and has taken away your wands. Only the professor knows the cups exact position and has left hints and clues to find it. As your group is in first place you will be the first to enter the mystery location. Find the Cup if you can but beware that you can lose yourself along the way.

Premium Room

Difficulty: Hard

Groups must be between: 4-8 players

Suggested Group Size: 6-7


Duration: 60 Minutes