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Black lives matter.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

All Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter. We at Escape 60 stand proudly with the equality movement that’s been taking over the media streams of the world today. We know that all of our patrons are also supporters of this movement as well, and don’t need reminding of the issue- however this is less of a reminder, and more of a call to action.  With many businesses being quick to talk about their COVID-19 restrictions and policy changes, we felt that not enough businesses were as quick to take a stance for what is right, and for what needs to change. We need to continue the conversations, and not let this issue get brushed under the rug, otherwise history WILL repeat itself, as it has time and time again. It is simply not enough to be “not racist”, we must be actively “Anti-Racist”. This is not a political conversation about arguing policies or economic change- this is humanitarian issue about doing the right thing. Not only treating humans with the basic decency that they deserve, but encouraging others to do so as well. We implore you to take action, and continue having those tough conversations. Spread the word, be a voice within your community and social circles.

Racism has affected many people, whether we’d like to admit it or not. It’s has unfortunately been an integral part in establishing the systems that exist today, giving birth to subtle racism that still lingers throughout society still. Many people are oblivious to these lingering isms, and go about their day assuming that nothings wrong. It’s these people that want to focus our energy towards- not to demean or ridicule- but to educate and inform. We all need to do our part, to close this chapter in history, learn from it, and graduate to a higher level of existence together. No matter your gender, orientation, color, or background- We see you. We stand by you. You’re not alone,  and We will fight for you.

Photo credit: Pardeep Sooch

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