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Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas In Calgary

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas In Calgary

While having a party and inviting your kid’s friends over to your house is easy and incredibly convenient, the notion of having to entertain all the little guests and clean up before and after the event isn’t quite appealing. That’s why finding a suitable venue is always a huge plus. Everything is taken care of - food, drink, and, most importantly, a good time for your kids and his or her friends.

Here are some of the best venues in Calgary to celebrate your child and to commemorate this special day!

1) Calgary Zoo

Kids love animals - everyone knows that. What’s a better way to celebrate the big day than spending it with your favourite people and animals? Calgary Zoo is the perfect place for such an event. With 3 party activities included in every birthday party bundle, you can be confident that your little one will have a ton of fun. Did you know that you also get a dedicated education staff member to follow you around and answer any questions the kids may have in mind?

The package also gives everyone a free zoo admission, which means that you can all go look at the dinosaurs after the main party is done! Note that you’ll need 1 adult for every 2 kids under 5 - this can be inconvenient for some parents, but rules are rules. Safety of the little ones is the top priority!

2) Shakers Fun Centre

If your kid likes games and small fun activities more than animals, the Shakers Fun Centre is for you. The place offers an incredible number of attractions and arcade games for kids of all ages - from mini-golf and laser tag to mini bowling, rock wall climbing, and go-cart. On top of that, the kids get credits to play at the arcade!

Surprisingly, all this comes at a lower price tag than a zoo birthday party, if your party is 10 or fewer kids attending. After a bit of running and playing around, a big pizza and pop are served. Definitely a place to consider for a kids bday!

The most appealing part to the host is the fact that everything is taken care of - the party host will set everything up before your arrival, take care of everything throughout the party, and clean up right after. That’s a big plus for all the parents there!

3) Color Me Mine

How about something more relaxing yet still fun? Color Me Mine pottery painting establishment offers fun birthday parties for 8+ kids. Everyone chooses a piece of pottery, paint colors, and art supplies - and the fun part begins. A party instructor will help the kids to set everything up, select the paints and supplies they like, and clean up after everything is done.

And the time for the activity is unlimited! The kids can take their time without worrying about anything - so even the smallest details on the pottery can be thought through. The finished pieces will be ready for everyone to pick up in 7 days, with each one bagged separately — pretty cool activity for kids who enjoy arts and painting.

4) Laser Quest

Another outstanding birthday idea for your kids - Laser Quest. If they are into high energy and interactive fun activities, the laser tag packages offered are definitely the way to go. Combine something classic like hide-and-seek and tag and add a high tech twist - and you got laser tag.

Let’s be honest - kids love it. But guess what? Parents like it too - all thanks to the hassle-free birthday packages with everything from setting up to cleaning up is taken care of by the staff. The games are usually played with the general public, but if you have more than a handful of guests, you can book a private game - definitely worth it!

5) Krazy Monkey

Designed for kids under 11 years old, Krazy monkey is an indoor playground that promises your kids an unforgettable bday experience. With all sorts of trampolines, ball pits, and mazes, your kids are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. If you decide to go all-in, Krazy Monkey even offers face painting and face decorations as extras!

If you plan on having 10 or fewer kids under 11 coming to your little one’s birthday party, Krazy Monkey is a great place that’s definitely worth considering.

6) Flying Squirrel

If your kid is already going to junior-high and still loves trampolines, Flying Squirrel can be an excellent alternative to Krazy Monkey. Did you know that it’s also Canada’s largest urban playground with one of the widest ranges of attractions?

Once the party is booked, your group gets assigned a party host who is going to handle everything - setup, cleanup, and everything in between. Doesn’t it feel nice to get home to a clean and quiet house once the party is over? Leave the mess to these guys!

7) Escape60

Do you know what an escape room is? It’s a physical adventure game that requires players to solve puzzles and riddles with all sorts of hidden clues. The ultimate goal is to, you guessed it, escape the room.

If you’d like your kid birthday party to be a big success, and everyone is tired of bowling and pizza, why not try something new and unique? Escape60 offers amazing both birthday packages for grown-ups and kids.

With 4 different escape rooms, you can pick the one that’s the most suitable for the kids. If that’s everyone’s first time visiting a locked room, getting a beginner level room is the best bet. Having an adult supervising the kids and helping them solve the riddles is always a good idea, as some puzzles may be too hard for the little ones to solve.

Escape60 works with catering services that can provide food and drinks for the party before or after the game. By the way, don’t you worry coming hours before the party and setting everything up - Escape60 staff will make sure that everything goes smoothly. All you have to do is enjoy watching the kids having the time of their lives!

With a convenient location and plenty of parking space around the establishment, Escape60 is one of the best kids birthday party places in Calgary and surrounding areas!

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