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How to escape a live escape room game?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Often we are asked for our top tips on how to escape a live escape room game especially from people who are new to playing escape games. We deal with many first timers and have come up with the top 5 tips to help you succeed in escaping a live escape room game.

1. Communication

Our escape rooms are built for people to communicate and work together. As simple as it may seem communication can become a little more difficult in an escape room when the clock is ticking. Some times communication is verbal. Other times in our escape rooms you will have to physically communicate a message to team members.

For first timers we suggest to verbalize anything you see, look for patterns, look for trends. yell it out. Sometimes the answer is out in the open, say what comes to mind. A strong approach is to ask the right questions, for example, if you see a lock with direction ask the question - what in the room has direction?

Placing a lock back on the item you’ve just opened so other teammates can see what code opened what item can be a great way to keep up with the game flow and remember what code you have used. Creating and organizing items into piles is an efficient way of communicating what is complete or what is being worked on: finished locks, used items, omitting items, etc.

2. Observation - Analysis by Paralysis

Entering an escape room can be a daunting task, I remember the first time I entered an escape game and didn’t know what to expect. The first 15 minutes I did not know where to start or what to do. One thing I have certainly picked up on is observing what is in the room and being aware of my surroundings. A tip is to observe and identify what type of locks that are in the room.

For example Two number locks, one-word lock, four key locks, directional locks, etc.

This will help you gauge what you are potentially looking for to unlock them.

3. Teamwork - Work Together

Our rooms at Escape60 are designed to work together. Team work is essential to succeeding. If you work together your chances of escaping increase. A good tip is to assign task to team members. Also, by working in smaller groups of people it will help cover more ground and saves time when against the clock. Those groups who work together not only have better experience but build a bond once the escape room is complete.

Escape Room is a teamwork activity
Escape Room is a teamwork activity

4. Ask for Hints/Clues!

At Escape60 a sense of progression is very important. For all our rooms we give unlimited clues, our staff will not give you the answer but will give you enough information and help so you and your group can achieve the answer on your own. We want to ensure everyone has a chance to finish the puzzles and the escape room. Biggest tip here is ask for hints. You will enjoy your experience a lot more. It's all about having fun!

5. Have a drink before going in!

What makes Escape60 different is that we have an event space and are licensed for alcohol. You can order alcohol before your game when you arrive. This is an experience of socializing, team work and bonding. Guests that are first timers and get a bit nervous before going in because they do not know what to expect. Our tip here is to easy the nerves by having a drink and relaxing. This will reduce over thinking. Will help with any anxiety you may have. Our vibe at Escape60 is different than other escape rooms because we want your overall experience to be a positive one. Have fun and enjoy a beverage!

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