Harry Potter Escape Rooms In Calgary
  • Sandeep Dhalla

Harry Potter Escape Rooms In Calgary

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Who would’ve thought that a book about magic and wizards, written in 1997 by JK Rowling, will become a start of a legacy? Did you know that over 500 million Harry Potter books in 80 languages have been sold all over the world? That means 1 out of ever 15 people owns a Harry Potter book already! This doesn’t include movies, games, or any other merchandise.

The most interesting thing is - fans want even more Harry Potter in their lives. Your wish shall come true!

Escape60 offers 2 unique Harry Potter themed locked room games. Custom built and made in house, you’ll love the combination of craftsmanship and modern technology of the rooms that simulate a real-life experience. Get ready to use your 4 key senses - sight, touch, smell, and sound!

Let’s look into the backstory, objectives, setting, and feel of the Harry Potter themed escape rooms now.

1) The World Of Wizardry and The Triwizard Tournament

Ever heard of Triwizard? If you are a fan of Harry Potter novels, you definitely have. Triwizard tournament is a competition between 3 schools. Get ready for a series of magical contests. However, be careful - some students have been known to die in the tournament!

Your group is named The Garderloth Champions, and you are on your quest to win the tournament. After successfully winning the last 2 games, you are on onto your final task. The only question is - can you solve all the mysteries?

Your professor hid the Triwizard Cup in a secret location and has taken away your magic wands. What can you do? It’s almost like you’ve become a regular human (or a muggle, as they are called around Hogwarts). Luckily, the prof has left some clues and hits behind when hiding the cup - can you find them before the other team does? Beware - you can lose yourself along the way!

With the escape rate of only 30%, it’s a difficult room to escape from. What makes you think you won’t be in the winning 30%? All you have to do is solve the mystery in 60 minutes!

Almost forgot - we sell the best liquid luck shots and butterbeer around at our lounge!

2) The World Of Wizardry and The Hunt For Horcruxes

The world of magic is in serious danger. The Ministry Of Magic and its school Calderloth are being attacked by the evil forces. All the magic wands have disappeared from stores and been stolen from students. Only the teachers stand a chance against the evil, while students are ordered to get back to their rooms for safety. Well, that’s unless you have a better idea in mind.

After all, the Institute of Magic must have something to defeat the dark lord, something that’s been overlooked. That’s up to you to save everyone now - that’s if you are not scared to go and face the dangerous traps around every corner.

This Calgary locked room is the hardest one there is, with only 1 out of 5 teams escaping it successfully and in time. However, if you are a real fan of Harry Potter and an avid problem solver (and so are your friends), you can definitely be the ones to find all the hidden clues and defeat the evil.

Did you know that this room gives you 15 extra minutes to escape? That’s right, The Hunt For Horcruxes is so extreme that even the pro players will need extra time to solve the mystery.

Fun fact: Did you know that the spell “Alohomora” that is used in the Harry Potter universe to unlock doors is actually from the west African sidiki dialect and means “friendly to thieves?”

And, of course, Harry Potter themed drinks are available in our lounge. Stop by before or after the game for a butterbeer or a liquid luck shot!

Why Escape60?

There are many escape rooms around Calgary, that’s a fact. Why is Escape60 different?

We make sure you get the most authentic locked room experience and have as much fun as possible. Whether it’s a night out with friends, team building event, or a family day activity, you are guaranteed to get the best service for the price!

With the best escape rooms around the city, licensed lounge, and plenty of space to park, we can assure you that you won’t regret stopping by for a game!



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