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Halloween Escape Rooms In Calgary

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Halloween Escape Rooms In Calgary

The air is getting chilly, the leaves are turning brown, and the rain has once again returned to Calgary. That’s right - Fall is upon us. And you know what that means? Halloween is just around the corner!

But what’s the plan for the scariest day of the year? Is it another party you go to every year or a scary movie marathon, where you can recite every movie word for word (there are only so many classics after all)? This doesn’t sound too promising of a night - and everyone wants it to be the night to remember, right?

To help you escape the last-minute panic attack where you have to pick up a costume, do facepaint, and get a few drinks before heading to a bar that has a mile-long lineup, Calgary locked room Escape60 presents the number of spooky puzzles that will turn your night into a great memory. You may even pick up some cool costume ideas!

Our establishment features the most authentic and custom-built rooms to offer you the best locked room experience in Calgary. Alright, let’s take a look at our rooms now - we promise that you’ll find the one you love!

Have you ever seen Narcos? It’s truly an amazing show about Pablo Escobar’s empire and drug wars that took place in 1970-80s. In this escape room settings, you are a journalist who was sent to find out who stands behind all this. Some speculate that it’s Pablo himself, but journalism is all about facts - and you are determined to find the answer.

You’ve trailed the suspects to some sort of a safe house where they store money and drugs - sounds like the perfect place to investigate, right? The guards are rotating their shifts, and you have 1 hour before the new guard arrives. Now you have to find the evidence and expose the ring leader. But remember - the clock is ticking!

If you are looking for a fun night with your special other or a group of friends, try this escape room - you won’t regret it.

P.S. The drugs and money in the rooms aren’t real, but we did a good job to make them look like they are.

How about some adrenaline-filled jail break action? You are on the yacht alongside a few other guests. The view of the ocean is gorgeous, and the air is fresher than ever - until your ship gets wrecked by the island of some wealthy hunter and everyone’s taken to his jail.

The poor guy is so tired hunting animals that he wants a bigger challenge - a new addition to his trophy collection in the form of humans. Don’t worry - even his stuff is sickened by the idea. And that’s why they decide to help you escape - but only if you take them with you.

You see, the prison is made in a very tricky way - the rooms are securely locked from the inside. There were only 2 people who escaped it a long time ago. Luckily, they were nice enough to leave some clues behind. Will you be able to find all the clues and escape while the mad hunter is gone for an hour - with your life on the line? You’ll find out very soon!

For this room, we suggest having 8-10 people working together to succeed - sounds like a fantastic idea for a team building event, doesn’t it? It’s the first escape room we’ve ever built - and the one we take the most pride in!

If you are a fan of anything wizard, fantasy books, spells, wands, you’ll love our Wizard Themed locked room! It’s not the spookiest one we have, but one of the most difficult (and a ton of fun). Put your problem-solving skills to a real-life test here.

In this room, you compete in the Wizard Tournament in a series of magical challenges. After winning the first two, your goal is to find the cup that your professor hid, after taking your magic wands. Luckily, he left some clues and hints behind. Without magic, you’ll have to use your logic and problem-solving skills to find the mystery location. Be careful - a few reckless students lost their lives in the tournament…

If you are looking for a fun escape room on Halloween, you won’t be disappointed. The only room with a liquor license, Escape60 proudly serves the best butter ripple beer and liquid luck shots around!

4) Wizardry and The Hunt For the Dark Lord

In search of a real challenge? Think the 3 previous escape rooms are peanuts and you can crack them in 10 minutes each? Well, here is the real test for your skills! The hardest locked room in Escape60, it’s one of our personal favorites. Beware - the escape rate is only 20%. That’s right, only 1 in 5 who dare to challenge it actually escape in time.

When the Canadian Ministry of Magic and it’s school are under attack from the ancient evil that has stolen all the magic wands, all students are ordered to go to their room - let the professors deal with it. But don’t you think there is something in the institute that can stop the dark lord? Something small that’s been overlooked over and over? How can you go to bed with these thoughts and the deadly badly close by?

You have to go back and find something to save the school of magic, and you only have 75 minutes. If you are a big Magic fan, it may end up being the best 75 minutes you’ve had in a long time. 4 words - get ready for fun! And once again, the novel inspired drinks are available in the lounge!

On top of all the rooms Escape60 offers, you get the best beer, wine, and spirits at our lounge (did you know that we are the only escape room in Calgary serving liquor?) and tons of free parking around the establishment. And, of course, good memories for the years to come!

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