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Birthday Party Ideas In Calgary For Adults

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Birthday Party Ideas In Calgary For Adults

Is your birthday coming up soon? Are you helping your friend to host a surprise party for his or her special other? Well, we got plenty of ideas for you. Let’s turn your party into the one to remember.

Paint and Wine Night

If you are looking for an even for just two of your, Vin Gogh is a perfect place for your date. Doesn’t drinking wine and painting sound lovely to you? Spending time in a relaxing environment around other people who are also into art sounds incredible, but only for certain types of individuals. It’s a quiet establishment with smooth jazz playing in the background, so it may not be up to everyone’s liking. It’s cool that the establishment also has special promotions on big holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

The only thing is that’s more of a date idea than a party one. It’s rather hard to imagine 6+ people being that stoked about sitting around and painting for a couple of hours. Moreover, it’s quite an expensive way to spend the night - tickets start from $45+ for a single person, so you may have a hard time convincing your friends to join if they aren’t really into art.

Craft Beers Tasting

If you feel like just having a few beers and a lot of good time, it’s a great idea to check out places like Craft Beer Market. While it’s similar to every other pub, they have absolutely delicious food and the biggest assortment of craft beers to choose from. It’s a lovely place for a big group of friends who feel like hanging out and having a nice chat over drinks. Two house brewery is our neighbour. Check them out!

The drawback here is that it’s mostly for beer lovers. If craft beers are the last thing you care about, then it’s probably not the best place to go. There are 100s of pubs and bars around Calgary that serve food and drinks daily, so there is no particular reason to pick this particular one unless the birthday boy/girl is a big craft enthusiast. If only there were a twist to this besides hanging out and drinking.

Visit a Spa Salon

Not every birthday party has to be made of impulsive decisions, loud music, drinking, and dancing. Spending quality time relaxing in a spa and getting massages can be more

appealing to certain people. If spending a night at the club and taking tequila shots all night isn’t your scene, you should look into going to a spa salon like Exige Medi Spa instead. Located downtown, it’s also accessible via C-Train.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect here, either. While the place is conveniently located downtown, there is very little parking available - and good luck finding a free spot on the weekends. Moreover, a single massage session costs over $100 a person - which is quite pricey, especially if you have more than a couple of people in your friend group. Now add how much you’ll spend on parking, food, and service - and decide whether it’s actually worth it.

Go Bowling

Bowling is one of the most popular ideas for birthday parties - it’s simple and easy. Ever been bowling with friends in junior high? Well, it’s even more fun when you are an adult. Getting a couple of drinks and pizza - and you are set. Renting a bowling alley isn’t expensive (and you split the cost in 4), so it’s quite a cost-efficient option.

However, getting a bowling alley at a nice place can be hard on nights and weekends. Often every single hour will be booked days and days in advance. If you are looking into a popular bowling alley like the one downtown at National’s, it can also cost you a fortune, which isn’t worth it. You are paying a big premium for the convenience, probably too big. If you are thinking of having a drink, finding parking can be a pain as well - it’s the downtown area on a weekend night after all.

Visit Escape60 - Calgary Escape Room

If you’ve never been to an escape room, you’ll find the concept fascinating. It’s just what you want for your birthday party - a night full of fun and adrenaline.

It’s a 1-hour adventure game, where you have to solve puzzles in order to get out of it. You are required to find hidden clues and solve riddles throughout the room - and nothing is out of reach. It can be a number on the bottom of the rug, book on the shelf, painting on the wall, or anything else in that room. You only got 60 minutes to solve everything - and the clock starts ticking the second you enter the room. If you were looking for an adrenaline rush - here it is!

While there are many escape rooms in Calgary, Escape60 is quite unique. Besides all the fun rooms and games it offers, you can also enjoy a few drinks at the wet bar before or after the game - a couple of tequila shots for the birthday boy/girl is a must. Did you know that Escape60 is the only place that serves alcohol? That’s right - no other Calgary escape room has a licensed lounge where you can enjoy all kinds of beer, wine, and spirits. Having a drink socially has never hurt anyone, has it?

Moreover, each escape game is custom-built and inspired by books and famous people with a certain mystery to their character. For example, Wizards and Pablo Escobar themed rooms. Plus, there are more coming - for the fans of Space, Jurassic Era, Wizard . Every game template is different - you won’t see the same back story, setting, or feel - each one is unique. Something different we have been working on is that we are coming out with a Wizard themed murder mystery in Feb 2020!

The establishment is conveniently located downtown, but you won’t ever run into a problem with parking. Escape60 Calgary escape room is equipped with 26 parking stalls and plenty of free parking space on the street. If some of your friends don’t drive or will be drinking, the escape room is located next to the Sunalta train station, so it’s only a few minutes walk.

Escape60 takes customer care to the next level - being founded by 2 brothers and built from the ground up, it’s not one of the big corporations that work on a margin and only care so much.

Every group gets personalized attention in the most professional and friendly manner.

And the prices are more than just affordable - hosting a birthday party and having the time of your lives in Escape60 will likely be less expensive than going to a pub on a weekend night. With the most competitive prices on the market, Escape60 will not only meet but surpass your expectations!

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