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Best Places For a Bachelorette Party In Calgary

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Best Places For a Bachelorette Party In Calgary

Are you or one of your friends getting married and you are looking for bachelorette party ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a big occasion, so making it a day (or night) to remember is crucial! Going to a bar or club seems like the most popular idea for such parties, but there are much better ways to make memories.

Alright, let’s look at the best ways to celebrate a bachelorette party in Calgary.

Relax And Recharge At The Spa

Planning a wedding requires a lot of effort - setting everything up, picking the dresses, choosing the perfect cake, booking the venues - and that’s just a tiny fraction of all the things the bride, groom, and their friends and relatives have to do. After all the preparation, the bride can use some rest. Instead of going to a pub and dancing the night away, bring her to a spa. What’s more relaxing than getting a massage or facial?

While it’s not a bad idea, going to a spa isn’t for everyone. Some people love getting manis and pedis, and others believe it to be a big waste of time and money. Spa salons aren’t cheap, and there are places where you have a lot more fun for less. Unless you are a beautician or really into zen / self-care, you may enjoy the other ideas for a bachelorette party in Calgary better.

Enjoy The Finest Cuisine

It would’ve been awesome if you could go somewhere like France for the weekend to celebrate your Bachelorette party, wouldn’t it be? You may not be dining by the Eiffel Tower, but you can still try all the French delicacies without having to travel all the way over the Atlantic. Q Haute Cuisine in the southwest part of Calgary has a fancy tasting menu. If you are extremely curious about how the cooking is done and want to learn from French cuisine gurus, you can even sing up for a cooking class followed by either a five-course meal or a wine tasting session.

This idea is great for foodies who love trying new things. While French cuisine is world-famous and delicious, it has a distinctive flavour to it, that you either love or hate. And distinctive price too, the one on the higher end of the spectrum. The five-course meal will cost $94 Tuesday to Thursday, and $125 Friday to Saturday per person. Add wine to it, and you are looking at high $100s and low $200 per person. If you aren’t really into gourmet food, it’s hard to justify such spendings.

Learn How To 2-Step At Ranchman’s

If your girl is missing the Stampede weekend in July (It’s pretty easy to miss, considering it’s only 10 days) but a big fan of country music and never learned how to 2-step, she is in luck. Going to Ranchman’s Cookhouse & Dancehall to embrace your western roots can be a great idea for a Calgary bachelorette party. Having a nice dinner with the bride at a bar that turns into a country club at night can be a blast - it’s a perfect place for a night out on the town if you happen to be a big country fan.

It’s definitely a great place to have drinks and dance your night away, but it’s not for everyone. If your group isn’t into rowdy places and country music, that’s a big no-no. If you are going on the weekend, the place gets incredibly busy, and the stuff gets frustrated. Ranchman’s is fun to go out once in a while, but the atmosphere isn’t the best for a bachelorette party in Calgary, especially if you want it to be a night to remember.

Sing Your Night Away at Karaoke

Have you ever noticed the bride turning every drive into an episode of Carpool Karaoke? Have you ever seen her singing into her hairbrush in the morning or turning the shower routine into a concert? Well, maybe renting a room at karaoke will be her version of an ideal bachelorette party. Going to a karaoke bar is a popular activity to do with friends on a weekend night, so why not go out and sing your night away for a big occasion like yours? And don’t forget about getting a pre-performance drink courage at the bar first! In fact, a lot of karaoke bars have extensive menus packed with delicious foods as well - don’t forget to take a look.

Karaoke can be a lot of fun, but if none of you like singing, it’s not worth your time. You should also check the availability and book a room as soon as possible because most high-end karaoke bars are always booked on the weekends (that only applies if you don’t want to spend your bachelorette party in a sketchy bar on the outskirts of the city). You should also note the number of people coming. While some karaoke bars have rooms that can fit up to 60 guests, that’s the minority. Most rooms aren’t designed for more than 5-10 people, so keep that in mind.

Enjoy Riddles and Drinks At Escape60 - Calgary Escape Room

Never thought about having your bachelorette party at an escape room? Well, Escape60 is not your average locked room in Calgary. If you’ve ever been to one before, you’ll be able to tell the difference right away. The first thing that stands out is the front lobby licensed lounge with bar - first one in Calgary! So get ready to have a few drinks with the girls before or after the game - in order to enhance the overall experience.

The customer service is uttermost professional and friendly, and they can arrange a customized package for every occasion. If you have more than 10 people attending, it’s also possible to rent an events space and add your own touch to it. Make it a night to remember - or forget - the lounge at Escape60 has a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits, so every guest will find something for themselves.

Why going to an escape room in Calgary when you can just have drinks at a bar? Because of the escape rooms! Escape60 has 5 authentic custom-built locked room for fans of Wizards, Jurassic Era, Pablo Escobar stories, and more. Top-rated on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google Reviews, you can see how great the place is for yourselves.

Located in between 17th Avenue and Kensington, you’ll have tens of other places to go nearby as well. Finding a parking spot shouldn’t be an issue either, even if you have tons of people attending your bachelorette party. With 26 spots in the parking lot and free street parking, finding a place to leave your car at will be at the very bottom of your “to-worry-about” list.

With escape rooms starting at $33/person, catering services at $45/person, and private event space rentals at $99/hour, it’s hard to find a better deal better than Escape60, especially in this area of the city. Moreover, the bride gets to play for free! Ready to make your bachelorette party one to remember and have tons of fun? Call us and make a reservation!

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